ONLY AOV AERIAL provides professional and affordable aerial services.

With the advent of a new technology, UAV, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, AOV Productions has been on the leading edge since 2012 with Quadcopters.  We now have 3 complete quad UAV systems, with cameras and gimbals. Whether your need be Real Estate, Car Dealerships, Traffic studies, Construction, or Special Events, AOV Aerial can capture beautiful High Definition video and stunning photos.  If you have specific needs, you can direct with your own monitor and see what the camera sees, and direct our operator to the specific shot that you want.  We can even run several aircraft at the same time to capture different angles of the same scene or event. Feel free to contact us today with your request.



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Aerial Package


AOV AERIAL ensures that all project files are made available within 72 hours of shooting your video and is provided in hard-copy form. The final video is rendered to a format of your choosing for internet use, hosted online, and sent to your email. You'll also receive 20-25 edited photos captured while shooting.

We excel at Architectural, Scenic, and Landscape showcasing, as well as capturing video for Real Estate, Motion Pictures, Traffic Studies, or for the purposes of Surveying. With drone-capabilities, we're able to capture what you need for your specified project at a competitive rate.

Choose audio from our soundtrack collection to further tailor your video. The option of incorporating voice overs for your project is also available, as well as adding customized logos, image and text animations.

Demo Reel